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Eastport-South Manor High School

9/11 Memorial at ESM

Excav was proud to install a beam from the World Trade Center in this permanent memorial to a day none of us will forget.

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Sewer Main Installations /

Sewer Pump Stations

An Excav specialty, making the difficult easy and getting sewage from here to there even uphill.

  • Residential, Commercial, Municipal
  • Service and Installation
  • Complete dewatering and bypass pump capability
  • Small unitized centrifugal systems
  • Grinder pumps
  • Positive displacement, low pressure systems
  • Soil compaction and restoration in house – no subcontractor’s best equipment


Wet wells, lift stations & grinder pumps - all names for pump pits that move sewage.

Whether your dream location will not allow a gravity draining cesspool, or you need to connect to a distant municipal sewer, occasionally sewer systems must be pumped to allow development while preserving the environment.

While less desirable than a gravity system, sewer pumps have come a long way and a modern system can provide many years of trouble free service. The newest systems can be combined to allow entire subdivisions to move forward below the grade of municipal gravity sewers and allow flow up a singe 3” HDPE low pressure line.

Sewer Pumps are necessary to connect homes and businesses which are located in environmentally sensitive areas to a municipal system of a distant leaching field. By moving the sewerage away from wetlands or other sensitive areas, we can minimize the effect of development and remove pressure from our already overtaxed coastal and inland wetlands and natural spaces.

From a simple, cost effective cottage system to a municipal high volume station Excav can design, permit, install and restore your application.

If you have a sewage problem, and are puzzled as to how to correct, please contact us for more information on types of pump stations and their applications.