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9/11 Memorial
Eastport-South Manor High School

9/11 Memorial at ESM

Excav was proud to install a beam from the World Trade Center in this permanent memorial to a day none of us will forget.

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Sewer Saddle Installation

Sewer Connections

Excav services are a full service sewer connection contractor.

  • New connections
  • Repairs/replace existing connection
  • Restorations


If your home or business is in a municipal sewer district it pays for you to tie into the system as soon as possible. Before you have an older cesspool serviced, please contact us to see if you can be connected to a municipal district. It does not pay to throw good money into an aging sanitary system when you can “connect and forget”

Sewer connections vary in complexity and cost. Connecting to the Municipal sewer can sometimes be very easy, shallow in depth, in a grass area with no utilities and consist of light, easy to use piping. These tend to be easy ½ day projects that most small contractors can perform.

On the other hand, some “connections” can be quite deep (up to 15 feet) involve crossing numerous other utilities such as water and gas, involve pumping groundwater or “dewatering”, and excavating into the street and performing a “cut-in” on the sewer main. These projects require experience and tooling to perform.

As you can see there is not a simple “how much” to connect. Please call us, supply your address and tax map number and we can get all the municipal data and supply a quote.

REPAIRS? Are tree roots giving you that “backed-up feeling? Ever since the new gas main was put in you have had a problem? Since the new sprinkler line has the yard begun to smell foul? Is the grass in a section of your yard settling or always wet?

You might have a sewer line break, root infestation or a structural problem with your sanitary system. It pays to have it checked out quickly, give us a call and we can recommend the best course of action to repair or replace your underground piping or system.