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9/11 Memorial at ESM

Excav was proud to install a beam from the World Trade Center in this permanent memorial to a day none of us will forget.

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Cesspool Installation

Cesspool & Septic Tank Services

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Most homes in Suffolk have some type of sanitary leaching system.

Modern codes call for a septic tank (or “digester”) followed by a leaching pool. A septic tank is a solid pre-cast concrete tank which allows solids, both floating and sinking to break down and only allows clear water to pass through to the “leaching” pool. A leaching pool is a round pre-cast concrete structure with perforations in its sides allowing water to leach out into the soil and dissipate.

Some older homes simply have a hand dug, hand made stack of cement blocks shaped like an igloo underground as both septic tank and leaching pool. While these were adequate for a summer bungalow, they fall short of the capacity needed for a family.

Excav always recommends bringing an older system up to modern codes. It is practical to perform the work on your site only once and it will lower the overall cost in the long run.

Why you want a septic tank – As explained a septic tank is a solid precast structure (no leaks) that performs the most critical part of the system. It allows the time for bacteria to break down solids, both floating and sinking into a liquid faction that can pass through. Water passes through from the center of the unit is relatively clear and will not block –up the “pores” or openings in the leaching structure.

From new homes & business to a full replacement or just bringing an older home up to code, Excav is a licensed and insured drainage contractor. We can evaluate your system, recommend the best installation and perform it - all with the utmost in efficiency, safety and integrity.