Nearly 20 years ago we started digging foundations and installing sanitary systems, although no longer our main line of work we are still proud to serve our residential customers.

what we offer

Excav Services offers you an array of services to make your home a better place. 

our services

Water Service Installation

Connections to municipal water supply by Excav Services will require a few weeks to process. From Permit through inspections and back fill. Excav will coordinate and perform the installation of the service.


-Copper,plastic or combination

-Special needs?
We can perform taps, cut in and main extension

-Professional, neat installations.

Drainage and Grading

Need your project fine graded?
We can help with design and or simply supply the machinery to grade, dress and prep for planting.

From skid loaders and small bulldozers to large motor graders Excav has the equipment and experience to get the project completed.

-Drainage is crucial to any landscape design. Plan your drainage carefully and install prior to your landscape elements for a long lasting and effective landscape design

Green Construction

On every job we take careful steps to preserve the environment:

We use low ground pressure tracked vehicles disturbing the ground as little as possible We use recycled construction materials whenever possible We recycle all "waste" materials possible after the job.

We know the forestry requirements of trees and shrubs and strive to ensure their security before, during and after the job.

We keep our equipment fleet in excellent running condition, with zero tolerance for leaks and inefficiently-running vehicles.


Excav has an extensive pump arsenal. Power sources from electric, gasoline, pneumatic and diesel, Small ½” air diaphragm pumps to 2200 GPM turbo diesel flood control pumps.

We can move water, as needed.

-Swimming pools emptied

-Flood control


Concrete Work

From a simple repair due to a sewer and water installation to working with a difficult slope Excav has the tooling and skill to repair roadways, curbs, sidewalks and retaining walls to DOT specifications.

Heavy Hauling

Overdimensional loads and loads up to 60 tons are no problem. If you need a short move or to move something larger than 8’ in width, please contact us.

Specialists in storm water control, eco-friendly site developments and high-quality utility installations, Excav approaches every project with careful, professional consideration - both for the integrity of your project and the surrounding natural environment.