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9/11 Memorial
Eastport-South Manor High School

9/11 Memorial at ESM

Excav was proud to install a beam from the World Trade Center in this permanent memorial to a day none of us will forget.

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Eco-Friendly Services from Excav

Construction is often a messy business.

Most of what we do at Excav involves moving dirt in some fashion.

Combine that with the use of fossil-fuel-driven heavy machinery and heavy construction materials, and you have a recipe for a real mess.

We've been in this business a long time and have seen first-hand how wide and deep the footprint of man can be when necessary care isn't taken.

That's why we work hard to ensure the lowest possible impact for the projects we undertake.

Surface PreparationLowering the Impact of Site Development

Technology is a long way off from completely eliminating environmental disturbance during heavy construction.

In fact, you might say that site development, for example, by its nature IS the disturbance of nature.

You probably don't take that lightly. Neither do we.

We take deliberate steps to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible:

  • We use low ground pressure tracked vehicles - disturbing the ground as little as possible
  • We use recycled construction materials whenever possible
  • We recycle all "waste" materials possible after the job
  • We know the forestry requirements of trees and shrubs and strive to ensure their security before, during and after the job
  • We keep our equipment fleet in excellent running condition, with zero tolerance for leaks and inefficiently-running vehicles
  • We stress maximum efficiency, careful planning and cautious execution to minimize fuel use and lessen the "footprint" of the job
  • We're trained in DEC-Endorsed Erosion and Sediment Control (E&SC)
Orient After Seeding

Green Landscaping

Having an attractive and comfortable yard and property is a great pleasure.

But the impacts of traditional "landscaping" practices are harsh on the environment.

The use of pesticides, fertilizers and invasive, non-indigenous species takes its toll, and often an ignorant desire for a particular "look" leads to potentially irreversible impacts on the local ecosystem.

So why not create an indigenous landscape that is maintenance free, beautiful and healthy for local wildlife?

Excav can work with landscape architects and homeowners to develop indiginous species landscape schemes. By incorporating our recycled porous pavement and rain gardens, we can zero out negative storm water impacts of your home and yard.