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9/11 Memorial
Eastport-South Manor High School

9/11 Memorial at ESM

Excav was proud to install a beam from the World Trade Center in this permanent memorial to a day none of us will forget.

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Permeable Pavements and Stablization

  • Eliminate storm water run-off
  • Can be used as filter or stand alone design element
  • Extensive color, pattern and material options


GeowebDevelopments in porous pavements have evolved drastically in recent years. Today, porous pavement is a viable option for most drive, parking and walking surfaces (provided vehicular traffic doesn't exceed 15 mph).

Beautiful, natural materials can be used in porous pavements to create both a green, ecologically friendly appearance, as well as one with significant environmental benefits over traditional non-green paving materials.

Stabilization for natural gravel/stone areas provides structural integrity and retains loose material.