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Eastport-South Manor High School

9/11 Memorial at ESM

Excav was proud to install a beam from the World Trade Center in this permanent memorial to a day none of us will forget.

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Pavement Preparation - Long Island, NY

Pavement Preparation

Excav Services maintains extensive tooling for grade preparation, including the best compaction equipment available. We have the tools and equipment to maintain superior quality in every project we undertake.

  • Experienced geologist with 30 years construction experience
  • Asphalt and concrete cutting saws with diamond blades
  • Extensive compaction equipment inventory
  • Survey and laser grading equipment


After all underground installations, we prepare for the finish paving.

Paving does two things:

  1. It provides a hard surface for foot and vehicular traffic
  2. It maintains the pitch to channel water into drainage features (swales, basins etc) of the site.

Pavement is normally paid for and installed in uniform layers of a pre-specified thickness, and it is important to remember that asphalt pavement remains flexible over time and cannot “bridge” soft or yielding sections of sub-soils.

Think of asphalt like paint on a wall. If the wall is crooked, distorted or otherwise imperfect, the paint might look OK at first but it will soon show the flaws.

Paving is expensive, and once down it cannot be moved or adjusted. It pays to go the extra mile, stabilize the soil through compaction and addition of structural elements (such as gravel).

Sub-grades should be roughly accurate and true to pitch, structurally bearing and well-compacted with repeated passes of quality equipment. A stone layer should be accurately graded and again repeatedly compacted with quality equipment.

Most importantly, pitch and water flow lines should be checked and re-checked prior to application of pavement. While you do not want to have a parking lot look like a roller coaster ride, it is imperative that water not be allowed to “stand” on pavement.

Excav’s experience and complete line of grading and compaction equipment will help you get the job done right. Please contact us for more information.